Career Profile | Larissa Vázquez Zapata, Editor of GFR Media's Magacín

If you live in Puerto Rico, there's no way you haven't heard that El Nuevo Día is the biggest media outlet and news publication in the Island. As part of GFR Media, this daily newspaper has gained the respect of almost everyone in the Island for being the most complete in every aspect and being able to evolve with it's audience through decades and regardless of harsh economic situations. 


Life's Too Short To Feel Guilty About These Things

After a night of browsing around the Sephora and Ulta websites, wondering if I really needed a $40 CC Cream and three new makeup brushes, I decided to finally checkout my order. But after I made my purchase and uploaded a picture to my Snapchat talking about how bad I felt about my decision, I asked myself this simple question: Why did I feel guilty about buying something I enjoy so much?

23 Badass Organizational Tips from a Wedding Planner/ Multiple Business Owner + GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Remember Zahira Domenech? The destination wedding planner I interviewed a while back for a career profile? Well she's back in Ambinity, this time with her new business venture (because this #girlboss clearly can't have enough!), The Meaningful Growth Planner. A planner she created in a moment in her life where she needed to make some changes in her personal and professional life. She knew that she needed the energy to create an action plan that would bring positive results to her life and others.

Home Decor Wish List + Life Update!

If you follow me through social media you've maybe noticed that I've been kind of MIA these days. I have a slight tendency to shut down when I'm making big life decisions and right now my life has been quite hectic. I'm starting my masters degree in journalism in a week and have been house hunting with my fiancé for like a month now. So since this will be both him's and I's first homes, we've been researching and buying all the basics, like cutlery, bedding, pots and pans, etc. Basically everything that would be found on a wedding registry, since we've decided to postpone our wedding and once we have a registry it will be for a badass honeymoon, not pots and pans! Can you judge us? #Adulting

June 2016 Lifestyle and Beauty Favorites

This has been quite an interesting month. I got a brand new Filofax, discovered some awesome makeup products, got a tattoo, got into the best gym in Puerto Rico and booked a ticket to another place I’ve never been before. Oh, yeah, I totally made the tattoo thing a super normal thing but I’m still freaking out a little bit over that one.


Career Profile | Alex Beadon, Youtube Star and Founder of

About three years ago, I was having one of those sucky days when you just wake up feeling sad and unfulfilled with life - this is when I first found out about Alex Beadon. I was about to head out for work and I knew I needed some motivation. So I got onto Youtube and searched something along the lines of, “How to live the life you love” or “How to fulfill your passion”, or something similar when I bumped over one of Alex’s videos. The girl clearly knows how to SEO her content!

My First Time in California (Part 3: Los Angeles)

Finally! Part 3 of my California Roadtrip and I can't even believe it has been almost three months since I got back from the roadtrip of my life. It is no secret that I loved the west coast, but re-watching all these pictures makes me want to buy a one way ticket to LA! Weirdly enough I loved being surrounded by the spectacular lifestyles of the rich (and wannabes) and famous. It makes me have a little hope that the American Dream still lives, doesn't it? I like to believe we Millenials are re-inventing it, but that's a whole 'nother blog post!