ambinity e-books:

Social Media and blogging 101

Are you a small business owner?

Are you a blogger who has been having the same amount of readers month after month?

Are you starting a blog but don't know how to properly market it?

Are you starting a business and don’t know where to start with social media? 

Feel like you’re lacking a connection with your audience online? 

Frustrated trying to gain followers online in such a saturated market? 

Overwhelmed by all the information you find online about social media? 

Already have a decent amount of followers but want to take your social media game to the next level?

Want a one stop shop with all the information you need to finally master your business's social media accounts?

Feel left behind on social media? 

Already have a decent amount of social media followers but want to take it to the next level?

Did any of these questions sounded like you?


There is a VERY common misconception about social media. People think it’s so easy to take a few pictures, write a copy and schedule a post. WRONG. Today, social media is as important as your website and your storefront. It is the first thing people see online and it needs to look consistent, clear, on brand and of course, pretty! It’s your business card and you wouldn’t give an ugly or misspelled business card to potential customers, wouldn’t you? But if you were one of those people who thought like that I’m glad you’re here. :) Here’s where to start:

Your brand should start storytelling TODAY because it’s a fact that people don’t believe in advertising as much these days. 

There I said it.

That is why many people have been struggling so much in making content for their business online and even worse, RESISTING to the idea that they need to have internet presence in order to succeed. They can’t accept times have changed and they need to have a better understanding of how their online niche works. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to go ahead and have a huge media budget to purchase banner ads and sponsored posts in major publications and blogs. While that may help, what I’m trying to say here, is that you don’t need to invest huge amounts of money in order to market your business online if you learn the keys to storytelling!

Who are these books for?

Small business owners or bloggers who want to take their online marketing skills to the next level.

Why I decided to write these e-books?

As part of the millennial generation, I grew up along with the internet and watched the social media revolution unfold right in front of my eyes. As an adult, I completed my Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and Advertising, where I learned all the basics of traditional media, which was a great asset once I started working in digital marketing.

I began my career at the tender age of 21 at a small digital marketing agency where I learned all the basics about social media marketing for businesses. In 2013, looking for ways to express myself in a written manner, I decided to start my blog, ambinity, so I could implement for myself everything that I was learning. But it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Even though I already knew the social media basics, being a blogger involved having a website, coding, search engine optimization (SEO) photography and most importantly, finding my niche just so I could start building a community online. Because when it comes to having an online presence, without a community, you are doomed. 

I did all of this, not because I had to, but because I truly enjoyed learning about these specific topics. I was fascinated with the never-ending online game that I was playing while learning about social media management for globally renounced brands.
Needless to say, I’ve been a sponge ever since I figured digital marketing was a profitable business. I’ve been learning the basics of all the major social media platforms since their beginnings. From Facebook to Snapchat’s revolution among teenagers. 

That's why after years of receiving so many questions from people wanting to know the secrets behind my social media strategies, I decided to write this e-book, where you will find a compilation of everything that I’ve learned and implemented as a digital marketer and blogger.