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I'm María Elena and I started ambinity back in 2013 as a creative outlet. I'm also a Type A #ListMaker who loves writing and using hashtags even when there's no use. :) Here's a Q&A in case you're interested in more relevant facts about this blog:

Who's Behind ambinity? 

My name is María Elena Rodríguez and I'm the founder of I'm a pretty normal, twenty-something with introverted and extroverted traits at the same time. When I'm not creating content for this blog, uploading flat lays on Instagram or updating my Snapchat with the latest filters, I work at an advertising agency in Puerto Rico as a digital account executive. 

What is ambinity about?

Why did you start ambinity?

I have always loved magazines and writing, so this blog is my natural way of documenting my creative journey towards finding bliss in life's simplest pleasures while fulfilling my dream of publishing my own work. 

But I also have an obsessive love for beauty products and a profound admiration for people who follow their true callings in life no matter the odds. You can read about my beauty obsessions here and about the creatives I've interviewed here.

What the heck does "ambinity" means?

Ambinity is the combination of the words ambition and vanity, two things that I try to embrace everyday in real life and on this lifestyle blog. Because I firmly believe that if you work hard for your money, you should treat yourself. Amirite?

PS: Yes, I invented the word "ambinity" and yes, I still cringe when I say it out loud. 

What is your mission?

My mission is to not only help my readers be happier by being just a little vain (just a little, ok?), but to encourage them to take care of their brains as well. That is why I began a Career Profiles series in which I interview highly creative people that I've admired for a long time. You can check them out here. 

My mission is to not only help my readers be happier by being just a little vain, but to encourage them to take care of their brains as well.
— María Elena
maria elena rodriguez ambinity

Are you Cruelty-Free?

Yes! On November 3rd, 2015 I decided to only endorse and review Cruelty-Free brands on this blog for ethical reasons. You can read all about this journey here and here. 

What's your blog post schedule?

I do my best to post every Wednesday and send out a newsletter on Friday every once in a while. But I'm pretty active on social media! (You can check out my links at the top of this page) 

This is currently my creative hobby and even though I would love to have the time and energy to work on this blog every single day, I do have a full time job that pays the bills. Sometimes, I just honestly don't have the inspiration to write the meaningful content that I know you guys enjoy and deserve. 

TIP: If you appreciate my content and would like to see more, the best way to support this blog is by sharing it with people you know will enjoy it as well. Sharing is caring!

Where do you usually shop for all your beauty stuff?

Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Walgreens and CVS. Check out my current favorites here

What is the best way to contact you?

I have three options for you:

A) Email me at

B) Fill out this form

C) Socialize with me:

I am a brand/ publication and would like to work with you. Where can I reach you? 

I would love to team up with brands, companies and publications to collaborate on all things lifestyle, beauty and travel related topics! You can pretty much reach out to me on any of the social platforms I just mentioned, but I prefer if you just email me at or fill out this form. :) 

But please, read my disclosures before contacting me.

Have any other questions? Shoot me an email at Thanks for stopping by. It would rock my world if you stick around!

María Elena